Affiche 2017

Through those 28 years, the British Film Festival is proud to have showed different visual effects, coming directly from the artists’s imagination or creative illustrators.

After its hybrid and ambigious creatures of the 25th and 26th  editions, its -still- non identified character, hiding under a bearskin of the 27th edition, the festival returns to its fundamentals.

The character presented on the poster could come straight out of a British movie, as a new Maggie Smith or Judi Dench.

This elderly woman is carrying a tattoo and an offbeat jewel in order to show a certain degree of both modernity and rebellion, two main issues mentionned in many British movies, and more recently with Ken Loach and his I, Daniel Blake.

If this charming British lady is not smiling, don’t see in there any moody or bitter personality. It’s simply that you cannot mess with the Tea Time!

The poster this year was made by Sylvain Garrigues, check out his website to see his designs :