We have the pleasure of welcoming this year as the Guest of Honour at the Dinard Film Festival:
Dominique Besnehard!


© Hélène PAMBRUN


Text by Pascal Voisine:


Your love affair with cinema no longer needs justification. In fact, your love for the mechanisms that this magic-making machine takes you through has all but intensified due to all the lives it has allowed you to live.

The first one, barely out of your teenage years, leads you to unearth young actors for films by Jacques Doillon ou de Jean-Jacques Beineix. Juliette Binoche et Béatrice Dalle were your biggest catches…

The casting director then becomes “the agent of the stars”, the one who nurtures the meteoric rise of young talents, and the one who counsels the titans of the industry. You are kindness incarnate, and to your closest friends (such as Isabelle Adjani, Nathalie Baye, Christophe Lambert, Jeanne Moreau, Sophie Marceau, Line Renaud, Alain Chabat, François Ozon, or Alain Souchon), you are the man with the constant smile, the sympathetic ear, and the strength to support them at any time, day or night.

You devote your third life – if we ignore the one where you played a comedian, which saw you perform under Maurice Pialat, Michel Blanc, Claude Miller, Patrice Leconte, Xavier Beauvois, Cédric Klapisch or even Michael Haneke – to the very conception of films by founding Mon Voisin Productions, a group that proves your love of all cinema. You encourage the actor Sandrine Bonnaire to become a director, Anne Fontaine to direct Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, Jean-Michel Ribes to bring to the screen several theatrical productions, or even the Quebecois Denys Arcand to finish off his trilogy 20 years after he started it. In 2015, you blew the PAF by starting the Dix Pour Cent series – heavily inspired by your own lives – and turned our Wednesdays into a film fest every week.

3 lives… you could have stopped there. But Marie-France Brière, famous producer and tv director, encourages you to try out another: festival creator, which came to fruition in the francophone festival of Angoulême. In less than 10 years, this event has become one of the largest in the world of cinema, which saw films such as Intouchables, Petit Paysan, Guillaume et les garcons, à table, or even La guerre est declarée.

These are all the Dominique Besnehard’s that we know and love, and are proud to welcome back to the Dinard Film Festival.