Peaky Blinders 

Peaky Blinders, a British TV series created by Stephen Knight in 2013, charts the historical journey of a family-run gang that dominated the city of Birmingham in the early 1900’s and constructed an empire which spanned the UK. Featuring a remarkable cast with actors such as Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCroy, and more recently Adrien Brody, the series stands out as a unique example of story telling, staying true to an original and extraordinary theme grounded in a harsh reality. With charismatic characters, political intrigue, violent gangsters, love and lust, Peaky Blinders seemingly has its finger on the pulse of what it takes to please to a large audience…


Masterclass hosted by Camille Parcigneau and Tristan Le Noir, 2nd year students at the ESRA School of Cinema in Rennes.

Working Class Heroes du Cinema Social Britannique 

Contextual social issues have always been addressed by film-makers the world over. In Great Britain, this tradition appeared in the inter-war period, in the early 1920’s. Known as “Social Realism”, this cinematic tradition is now long established in British cinema, despite directly challenging the classical approach of upper-class acting upheld by so many in earlier times. Through the major works of this genre, we will attempt to understand how, despite the traditional ‘Crown and Cushion’ view of the United Kingdom, filmmakers were able to not only bring into the spotlight, but also make heroes of, individuals from a different social background.


Masterclass hosted by Gauthier Jurgensen, Journalist with AlloCiné, specialist in British Cinema, and author of J’ai Grandi Dans Des Salles Obscures (ed. J.C. Lattès).

Teen Series

More than any other nation, British cinema has long championed adolescent fiction, be it through Skins, Misfits, My Mad Fat Diary, or even In the Flesh. These TV series continue to strike viewers, and help continue the development of the genre. Join us as 4 specialists sit on a panel and discuss aspects of these original and innovative works.


Masterclass hosted by the Saute-Requin association, with guests Buffy Mars, blogger and feminist film-maker for the channel “Everything is Political”, Lucie Madec, graduate in cinematic studies, author of a memoir focusing on the British TV series Skins named “Formes et Fonctions du renouvellement dans la série brittanique Skins”, Sophie Barel, doctor in Communication and Information Sciences at Rennes University 2 (vice-president of the Saute-Requin Association) and Damien Keller, doctor in Cinematographic Studies, active member of the Saute-Requin association, and avid follower of TV series, regularly speaking on the subject of British TV series’.

Film Translating and Subtitling, and it’s Intricacies

Discover the profession, which, by breaking down the barrier of language, brings you TV series’, and Films from the world over. Subtitling for both deaf and sound of hearing, dubbing, audio descriptions; all of these make up the complex and varied facets of this back-room vocation. Uncover the secrets behind all of these and more through a cinematographic journey of clips, movie excerpts, anecdotes and real-world examples.


Masterclass animated by our very own and ever-brilliant Fanny Popieul, artistic director of the Dinard Film Festival and professional translator of audio and visual content for the screen (English>French)

From Downtown Abbey to The Hammer:

Soundtrack Masterclass with John Lunn and Maximilien Mathevon

Over the course of his career, Scottish-born John Lunn has composed the soundtrack for countless British TV movies and series (The Turn of the Screw, The White Queen, Burton and Taylow, Grantchester), but his most famous work remains the soundtrack of the entire 6 series of Downton Abbey. He will talk to us about the films he has worked on throughout his career, as well as his experience of working on what remains one of the most emblematic TV series of British television. For the second part of the Masterclass, he will be joined by Maximilien Mathevon, who has recently composed the music for a documentary dedicated to the iconic movies released from Studio Hammer for the channel Arte. Experience 2 methods of work from 2 different generations in an exchange that promises to be rich in content and completely captivating. Hosted by Cédric Delelée.


A Nation in Bits

The Brexit vote was the single most significant event in UK politics since WW2. Theatre company Headlong and The Guardian have joined forces to explore the temperature of the country. In a series of short films, leading theatre voices reveal individual stories in a divided Britain.

Time to Leave

Written by David Hare
Directed by Jeremy Herrin
Featuring Kristen Scott-Thomas
Location: Winchester

Eleanor wasn’t foolish enough to believe everything the Leave campaigners claimed, but she voted for change. So why does nothing feel different when her vote wins?

Permanent Sunshine

Written by A L Kennedy
Directed by Amy Hodge
Featuring Scott Reid
Location: Glasgow

Young Scot, Chummy, may not give off the best first impressions but there’s more to him than meets the eye.  Disillusioned by broken political promises and severe cuts affecting his family, he warns us of what lies ahead.

Just a T-Shirt

Written by Meera Syal
Directed by Jeremy Herrin
Featuring Meera Syal
Location: Wolverhampton

Whose nation is it?

As a second generation immigrant Priti struggles to see the parallels between her Polish neighbour’s experiences and her own.

Your Ma’s A Hard Brexit

Written by Stacey Gregg
Directed by Amy Hodge
Featuring Bronagh Gallagher
Location: Belfast

‘We know what it means to be divided’

A Northern Irish mother contemplates her family’s future in a country where national identity is at risk. A unique perspective on the impact of borders.

Go Home

Written by Charlene James
Directed by Amy Hodge
Featuring Dean Fagan
Location: Wigan

20 year old Reece struggles with his university friends’ distress towards the Brexit outcome and his family’s jubilation. Disappointed by his peers’ narrow mindedness he challenges them to reach out and understand why people might have voted leave.


Written by Maxine Peake
Directed by Maxine Peake
Featuring Nasser Memarzia
Location: Manchester

Struggling to manage the mountains of new cases following the Brexit vote, Mancunian immigration lawyer Karendeep has to decide what he wants to fight for.


Written by James Graham
Directed by Amy Hodge
Featuring Joanna Scanlan
Location: Mansfield

‘I’m an agent… of chaos’

In the midst of the Brexit campaigns, Twitter troll Carol has a knack for sparking debate. It’s all fun and games online, until the conflict becomes very real.

The Pines

Written by Gary Owen
Directed by Ellen Bowman
Featuring Steffan Rhodri
Location: Wales

To politicians in Westminster the price of milk is just a number, but to this Welsh farmer, it’s his livelihood. When faced with a tough dilemma, he must protect his own.

The End

Written by Abi Morgan
Directed by Jeremy Herrin
Featuring Penelope Wilton
Location: London

‘I thought together we were stronger.’

After 43 years of marriage Helen’s partner leaves unexpectedly. What does she do now the union is broken, and what are the consequences?

Other Meet and Greets

Agatha’s Return


Meet & Greet post-projection of Crooked House, by a specialist of Agatha Christie.

Meet & Greet with Ian Hart

Multi-talented British actor Ian Hart will join the public for a Q&A after the screening of Ken Loach’s 1995 masterpiece Land and Freedom. He will discuss his carreer and role in Land and Freedom with Pascal Bodéré, journalist at The Télégramme.

Where are the women?

Round table hosted by Sarah Dessaint, head of the department of culture at the University of Rennes 2, graduate since July 2018 in Genre Studies in the same faculty and author of a study on the place of women in the Dinard Film Festival as a reflection of the innate sexism within the British and International film industry.


Since august of 2017 and the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the world has witnessed a wave of women making their voices heard and espousing a feminist ideology which aims to draw attention to the disparate inequality between men and women within the film industry. Actors, both male and female, have denounced not only individual cases of sexual harassment, but also the larger culture of sexism within the profession. They are both championing a new ideology that promotes the inclusion of women in roles that are traditionally given to men, and are drawing upon their male counterparts for support. This round table will be an opportunity to asses the global climate on the issue, to identify what the mechanisms of exclusion that are employed in the film industry amount to, and to question actions either already taken or possible in the future to achieve parity within the profession.