Two Strangers who meet 5 times, by Marcus Markou : 12’12”


Alistair and Samir meet five different times over the course of their lives…

Robot and Scarecrow, by Kibwe Tavares : 15’23”


When a robot pop princess flees her keeper she runs straight into the arms of a lonely scarecrow desperate for adventure.

Cabin Pressure, by Matthew Lee : 3’15”

A safety and regulations obsessive is forced to revaluate things when a routine flight runs into difficulties.

Cake, by Alan Friel : 6’16”

Two women sit in a barren wasteland discussing the best way to die.

Call Me Alvy, by Alexei Slater : 10’20”

When Bar Mitzvah boy Brian Silver becomes obsessed with Woody Allen, his mother Judith goes to great lengths to make sure the big day goes smoothly.

Sasha and Jo are Getting Married: 13’45”

By Pier Wilkie


Seamstress, Clare, comes face to face with her past during a wedding dress fitting.

The Entertainer, de Jonathan Schey: 15’30”


Paul Limp used to be a TV star, but now finds himself driving up and down the country in a cheap tuxedo, entertaining at parties.

I Don’t Want to Call it Home, by Léa Luiz de Oliveira & Nisan Yetkin : 12’04”

Through conversations with loved ones, a young Turkish artist confronts her fears regarding her country’s future, and the dilemma of staying or leaving home behind.

Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape, by Mark Jenkin : 4’59”


A pilgrimage from Andrew Kötting to Derek Jarman along the south coast of England through a haze of post election hope and despair.

The Overcoat, by Patrick Myles : 18’20”

Christopher Cobbler is a lonely, eccentric proof-reader. He scrimps and saves to buy a brand new overcoat.

Bridge, by Iain Robertson : 10’10”

Ordinary people find themselves in a not so ordinary situation…