After a beautiful and very flowered red carpet, the closing ceremony saw Sing Street, by John Carney, awarded. Claude Lelouch gave a special mention to Away by David Blair.

For this first edition, the Shortcuts Jury awarded Operator by Caroline Bartleet while the public decided to give his award to Balcony by Toby Fell-Holden.

The Golden Hitchcock Jury Grand Price Cine +
SING STREET de/by John Carney

Hitchcock for Best screenplay, by Allianz
SING STREET de/by John Carney

Claude Lelouch special mention
AWAY de/by David Blair

Hitchcock of the Audience Premiere :
SING STREET de/by John Carney

La règle du jeu Heartbeat Hitchcock
SING STREET de/by John Carney

Honorary Hitchcock, by Orange to :
Rémy Julienne

Shortcuts Jury prize
OPERATOR, by Caroline Bartleet

Shortcuts Public Prize
BALCONY, by Toby Fell-Holden