The festival team is proud to introduce the poster for the 27th edition of the British Film Festival of Dinard.

Every year, the unveiling of the poster marks the start of the countdown to the event itself.

With feet firmly planted in the sand, equipped with rubber boots – a must in Brittany according gossipers, and wearing a swimming costume with the same blue and white stripes as the famous beach tents of Dinard… a mysterious character is hiding beneath the very serious Bearskin, a part of the uniform of the British Foot Guards. Is the character about to leave a British beach? Or is he already on the beach in Dinard? Sylvain Garrigues, the creator of the poster, obviously chose humour as the main ingredient for his illustration of the 27th edition of the British Film Festival of Dinard. He mixed together emblems and symbols of our two countries to produce a sort of British-Breton biped that will take on a life of its own in and around the Festival this coming fall.

The 50x65cm poster will be available at the Festival office for 8€ starting in mid-June