A new logo and a new name for the Festival!

The Festival is getting a makeover for its 29th edition by changing his name and logo! The British Film Festival of Dinard becomes the “Dinard Film Festival”.

This new name will also allow more effective communication and has been used by the British press for many years: it will no longer need translation.

The poster 2018

The poster for this 29th edition was produced by Sylvain Garrigues. It gives pride of place to the seaside identity of Dinard, since it recognizes the Pointe du Moulinet and the Villa Saint-Germain, a true symbol of the architectural richness of the city. The “main character” of this visual has changed generation, style and temporality: after the tattooed grandmother and tea drinker in 2017, place a beautiful evanescent siren, blond hair and tail in the colors of the Union Jack. The mermaid, legendary creature, symbolizes here, beyond the marine side, the imagination, the fiction, the story, the scenario … The mystery surrounding his presence, his eyes that are not revealed, his crown of “queen” , this impression that it is out of time, are all elements calling everyone to invent his own legend…

The poster will be on sale at the price of 8 € from May 29 at the Bureau du Festival, 28 boulevard Féart – 35800 Dinard