DUNKIRK – Christopher Nolan – 1h47

Featuring: Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy

Genre: Historial Drama, War

Nationalities: American, French, British, Dutch


In May of 1940, Allied soldiers find themselves marooned and surrounded by German forces on the Northern coast of France. Amongst the young British men trapped on the beaches is Tommy, who, after surviving many close shaves with death, re-joins his brothers in arms awaiting rescue. However, constant German plane and U-boat attacks consistently hamper any evacuation attempt, making the situation more and more desperate. Their only hope lies in support from Britain – as RAF pilot Farrier races across the channel to provide air support, civilian Mr Dawson prepares his fishing vessel to join the hundreds of other merchant ships racing to the stranded soldiers’ aid.


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“Dunkirk” Trailer

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