The Dinard Film Festival will focus this year on two major themes: the societal and political tsunami generated by Brexit and the profound upheaval caused by streaming platforms, the industry giant Netflix and the extremely powerful GAFA (Google-Amazon-Facebook-Apple).

The festival is taking advantage of the presence in Dinard of major players in the field to hold public debates on these all-important issues.


– Shane Meadows after The Virtues
– Mike Leigh after Peterloo

•  After the screening of the documentary, Wait and Sea, there will be a debate with the filmmakers and French and British fishermen who work in the English Channel, a well-stocked fishing area, and a real headache in case of Brexit!

With Simon Coss, Antoine Tracou and fishermens

• After the screening of the documentary, Postcards from the 48%, there will be a debate with Catherine Bearder, MEP, And Professor Anthony Grayling, Brexit specialists and staunchly pro-EU.

• In the course of this professional meeting that is open to the public, a panel of distributors, producers, filmmakers and other players in the field will discuss the burning issue of the future of the cinema in its traditional form. It will be interesting to hear the opinions of professionals and amateurs at a time when cinema is losing ground in the face of the availability of on-line contents.


On being an actor in Ken Loach films, by Hussam Hindi 

An exceptional and unprecedented – in Dinard – masterclass. Three major actors from Loach films will be on hand to explain how this filmmaker, twice awarded a Palme d’Or in Cannes, directed them. Is there a “Loachian” approach? How does Loach get the best performance from his actors? What traps does he set for his actors to ensure they truly inhabit their characters? This masterclass will be illustrated with excerpts of Loach films and will hopefully provide answers to all these questions. With Kris Hitchen and Debbie Honeywood (Sorry We Missed You) and Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake)

Rock stars on film,  David Bowie by Hussam Hindi 

The border between rock music and the cinema is rather porous and motivates many singers to try acting, to include the most brilliant, craziest of all rock stars, David Bowie. Masterclass by Dinard’s artistic director
Hussam Hindi.

Suspense and conspiracies in British series, by Charles Meyrault et Marius Decarnin

Solving the mysteries of British crime series through an in-depth look at the world of Sherlock, Black Mirror and Utopia. During the Dinard film festival, come and join the two young investigators who will try to elucidate the mysteries of British television staging. Who knows? It may very well be part of a great conspiracy!