The 1st, by Mark Waites : 13′

A first-time director has one day in which to capture thirty seconds of film. What can possibly go wrong? Everything if you believe your First Assistant Director to be cursed.

All of this is everything by Noah Payne-Frank : 4′

A grieving man hears that humans are only using a small proportion of their brain capacity. He set about trying to increase his, in order to get closer to the God he blames for the loss of his partner.

Ambition by Ryan Hooper : 13′

In the middle of nowhere, a lone toll booth operator with a disdain for conversation and a mild lactose intolerance meets a customer at a turning point in her life.

Capital by Freddy Syborn : 16′

When a referendum on capital punishment comes back 50.9% in favour of hanging, a group of inept junior civil servants meet on the first day of their new job in the Department of Capital Punishment. It’s up to them to give the British people back control… by bringing back hanging.

Becoming Cherrie by Nicky Larkin : 13′

The story of actor and performer Matthew Cavan, aka Belfast’s most-loved drag artist, Cherrie Ontop, and the difficulties of living with HIV in Northern Ireland.

Crashing Waves by Emma Gilbertson : 3’43

Two young men explore the intimacy and vulnerability of relationships in a combative dance against the backdrop of an inner city estate.

In our skin by Rosa Beiroa : 3’55

In Our Skin is a celebration of nudity and freedom of women within their own bodies. It is a film about form, volume and shape, from the beauty of a fold of skin to the delicacy of a touch.

Mash by Tyro Heath : 12’14

A nine-year-old girl finds freedom from her troubled home life in her local East London scrap yard. This is where her treasured, dilapidated van is hidden – a secret den which will transport Hero to faraway places. And yet, this time the den feels different…

Special Delivery by Robert Hackett : 4’30

A weary postman trudges through the February snow, making deliveries to all but one door.

Winddershins by Simon P Biggs : 11’10

The life of a pampered gentleman is seamlessly automated by machines, but his orderly existence is thrown into chaos when he chooses to pursue a free-spirited woman, against the advice of his robot butler.