Viceroy’s House – Gurinder Chadha – 1h47
Featuring: Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Manish Dayal
Genre : Historical Drama
Nationalities : British, Indian

March 1947. After 300 years of English rule, the Viceroy’s House in Delhi opens its doors for one last time to welcome in grand style Lord Mountbatten and his family.

Grandson of the Queen, and nominated as the final Viceroy of India, Richard “Dickie” Mountbatten faces the daunting task of preparing the vast country for independence. But the task is even far more complicated than initially thought… After many negotiations with individuals such as Nehru, Gandhi, and Jinnah, and disturbed by the violent religious conflict underpinning the dialogue, he will have no choice but to split India in 2 and create the nation-state of Pakistan. Whilst this is going on, we follow two young adults, Jeet and Anila, servants of the palace and on either side of the religious divide, as the decisions taken by politicians encroach on their private lives. Lord Mountbatten’s decision will provoke one of the largest migrations of peoples in history, its consequences still being felt today.

Bande Annonce “Le dernier Vice-Roi des Indes”