Victoria & Abdul – Stephen Frears – 1h52
Featuring: Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Eddie Izzard
Genre : Biopic, Historical Drama
Nationalities : American, British

The extraordinary true story of an unlikely friendship that occurred towards the end of Queen Victoria’s rule. When Abdul Karim, a young employee of the crown, travels from India to participate in Queen Victoria’s jubilee, he is surprised to find himself acting as her personal assistant. As the weight of such a long rule weighs on Victoria’s shoulders, she finds herself confiding in Abdul, and the two characters form a strong bond of loyalty and friendship, a bond which those around her will stop at nothing to destroy.

As the friendship deepens, joy and laughter creep into the Queen’s life once more, and by looking at the world through a new lens that her relationship with Abdul has given her, realises that the world is undergoing momentous change.

Bande Annonce “Confident Royal”